Pre-Order a VULCAN 9 From Our Second Run // Delivery Expected in Late July

VULCAN 9 Series Barrel

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* Not compatible with REGULUS or LH9 series pistols

Tru-Axis™ Precision Barrels are made using a revolutionary single-point rifling system in which one machine completely sculpts every portion of the barrel from start to finish. This method is ultra-accurate and induces no stress that needs to be relieved later. The result is a barrel with absolute precision and rifling grooves that have a deviation of less than one ten-thousandth of an inch.

Tru-Axis™ Precision Barrels are entirely made in the U.S.A., feature a fully supported chamber body, and have an 11-degree muzzle crown. Each barrel is magnetic particle checked for microscopic cracks, hand polished then protected by a titanium-nitride coating.

Diamond-Like Coating

We have coated the barrels in an ultra-hard black DLC. To allow for a proper break-in and ensure the highest possible accuracy, the barrel’s bore and chamber are not coated with the titanium nitride coating that armors the outer surfaces. The barrel bore comes pre-oiled to prevent corrosion.

Threaded Option

Our threaded barrels feature a ½ – 28 right-hand threading that includes a thread protector cap. If you are using a threaded barrel, be sure to test your suppressor to recoil rod clearance before firing for the first time by slowly hand-racking the slide.


  • DLC finish
  • Standard barrel length, 3.7 inches
  • Threaded barrel length, 4.3 inches (includes thread protector)