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  • VULCAN Entrada Holster

    VULCAN Entrada Holster

    The Black Arch Entrada is the newest appendix-specific holster from Black Arch Holsters. Designed from the ground up for maximum comfort, fit, and versatility. Features Flexible mag/holster connection Adjustable ride height Adjustable ModWing to reduce...

  • VULCAN Dual Clip Protos-M IWB Holster

    VULCAN Dual Clip Protos-M IWB Holster

    The Dual Clip Protos-M from Black Arch is among the smallest dual clip hybrid holsters in the industry. Each holster is custom designed for your REGULUS handgun, which reduces bulk and increases comfort. You’ll find the adjustable retention and...

  • VULCAN Protos-M OWB Holster

    VULCAN Protos-M OWB Holster

    he Black Arch Protos-M OWB for the VULCAN series handgun, is a major leap forward in hybrid holster design with no equal on the market. UNMATCHED COMFORT  The flexibility of leather ensures that your holster moves with you CONSISTENT RETENTION...

4 of 4 Items