Pre-Order a VULCAN 9 From Our Second Run // Delivery Expected in Late July

Lionheart Industries offers a ten (10) year warranty to the original purchaser of our firearms. During the first ten years of ownership, if the firearm exhibits a manufacturing defect, Lionheart Industries USA LLC (LHI USA) shall, at our discretion, repair or replace the product. It is the customer's responsibility to deliver the firearm in its stock configuration to LHI USAincluding all factory-supplied accessories. We'll cover return shipping. If the product is outside of its warranty window, or if LHI USA determines the malfunction or defect was caused by a user error, including the use of non-original equipment, then manufacturer supplied parts, the cost of repair, and return shipping will be charged to the customer. 

After contacting LHI USA customer service, you will be issued a ticket number and asked to ship the gun with the ticket number written on the outside and inside of the box.  Please also include a brief note explaining the issue you're encountering, along with any mags or accessories needed to recreate the issue you're experiencing, to us at the following address. DO NOT SHIP A FIREARM WITHOUT FIRST GETTING IN TOUCH WITH US. Please use this form to begin the warranty return process.

We suggest you bring your firearm to a gun shop or other Federal Firearms Licensee and have them ship your firearm to us at the address below. If they ask for our FFL, we can supply our FFL to them. Please have them email [email protected] and have them reference the supplied RMA for your return.

Please reference the "RMA#" given to you by our customer service agent in your note, include your return address, and mark the box with that RMA number, as well. We'll cover the return shipping for authorized warranty repairs.

We look forward to getting your pistol running like new.


LHI Customer Service

Warranty Repair Shipping Address:
Lionheart Industries USA 
[Supplied RMA #] 
739B Tucker Rd 
Winder, Georgia 30680