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K Rounds Kydex Contour OWB Holster for LH9

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The K Rounds OWB FBI-canted (Pancake) holster is a slim yet durable holster that is designed to be carried as close to the body as possible. The injection molded belt loops allow your firearm to hold tight to the body while simultaneously contouring to your body and not interfering with the full combat grip. The belt loops are strategically placed to evenly distribute the weight of your firearm. This holster also has a full length sweat guard to maximize your carry experience.

* Made From Genuine KYDEX
* Body contouring comfort
* Outside radius for minimal printing
* Two Removable OWB Belt loops evenly spaced both vertically and horizontally to maximize weight displacement.
* Strategic cutaways for maximizing the (full combat grip)
* Molded friction fit security
* Adjustable tension
* Full length sweat guard to separate the pistol slide and rear sight from the operator’s skin
* IDPA Legal