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Quicklock Minder IWB/AIWB Holster for LH9

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Quick Lock Holster’s Minder is the perfect EDC companion for your LH9 Series pistols! Designed to be as minimalistic as possible, the Minder can quickly be clipped on to your belt and comfortably carried all day. It can be adjusted to either Strong-side or Appendix carry positions, and the clip height is also adjustable – this means you will be able to set up your Minder for exactly how you want your pistol to carry. Dial in the retention using a phillip’s head screwdriver and you’re all set! As with all holsters, we recommend using a sturdy EDC-style belt to ensure you get the maximum function out of your holster!

The Minder is available in both right and left-handed configurations, as well as long and short variants. The Long variant is the perfect fit for the LH9, LH9-MKII, and DP51. The Short variant is ideal for the LH9C, and DP51C.

  • Inside-the-Waistband Kydex holster
  • Made with .080 in. thick Kydex
  • 1.75 in. Belt Clip
  • Designed for Strong-side or Appendix carry
  • Perfect for EDC use
  • Adjustable retention

Fits the LH9 Series pistols and the Daewoo DP51/51C